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Training Videos and Podcast Appearance Library

Strength Training

Nick gives you a primer on implementing the Starting Strength Novice Program.
Nick and Ray discuss simple nutrition concepts and protocols for improved performance and body composition.
A strength based approach to fixing pain and injuries through strength training.
How to deal with common issues in programming the upper body lifts.
Nick and Ray discuss misconceptions and beliefs when it comes to fitness and strength training.

Helpful Lifting Tips

A simple cue to give yourself to help set your low back in the deadlift.
How to use lifting straps and advice on which ones to get.
Nick’s progressions for working on common power clean problems.


Nick and Ray discuss learning how to fight, what you should spend your time on, and where to look for training.
Nick and Craig Douglas discuss coaching, teaching self defense, and Shivworks.
Nick’s conversation with John Valentine about how strength is a foundational attribute of self defense.
Nick’s appearance on the Evolution Security Podcast. Also available on all audio podcast services.
Nick discusses strength training and the Lift Shoot Fight Camp with Deryck and Barret from the Personal Defense Network.

Firearms Training

Handgun basics.
A very serious look at the handgun caliber debate.

Other Useful Info

Homeschooling – an apprenticeship for adulthood
Coaching and Nick’s work with Starting Strength, fighting, and Starting Strength Gyms.