Nick’s Bio, Contact Info, and Links

Welcome to my contact page. I work as a consultant spending most of my time and effort helping to run Starting Strength and Starting Strength Gyms. I have an extensive background in teaching, developing coaches, fighting people, and teaching others how to fight.

Below are links to my various projects, friends, and recommended businesses.



My author page on the Starting Strength website:

Online Coaching:


Shivworks – Extreme close quarters fighting, entangled weapons access and use. If you’re looking for the best self defense training experience you can get in two to three days. Craig Douglas is your guy.

Immediate Action Combatives – Cecil Burch is a phenomenal self defense instructor, BJJ coach, and he runs an excellent combatives course. You will leave his class a better BJJ guy, better instructor, and/or better self defense practitioner.

RuneNation, LLC – Ian is my pistol coach, runs a great firearms class, and knows his way around a fight. Great dude. Follow him and sign up for his classes or remote coaching.

Starting Strength Network:

C&D Tools – The only made in the USA cocktail shaker. Great people. Great products.

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