Shooting Training Log – Runenation Session 2

I’ve been working with Ian Strimbeck for online pistol coaching off and on for a while now. He’s an excellent coach and remote coaching for shooting works surprisingly well. You can check out Ian, his remote coaching, and in-person classes around the country at

This is my first range session for this cycle. Simple drills, but my presentation from low ready needs some serious work. My focus going into the session was to not lock out my grip so aggressively. I have a tendency to push out too far, lock elbows, and get too tense.

The main takeaways for me from this session are:

  • Maintain target focus rather than searching for the dot.
  • Reset the trigger faster so that my shot strings are more consistent.
  • Come out of the holster a little flatter faster so that I get a cleaner presentation.